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the spell of wicca


witches of the west

clockfools dancing widdershins

maids of moonlit mist


Thanks to Diwata in Lalaland for pointing out ‘clockwise’ has more than one antonym


From → haiku, poetry

  1. clockfools is way better than clockidiot 😀
    fits perfectly with widdershins


    • I was already looking for some way to express how the Wicca look backwards in time for wisdom, running against modernist notions of progress, and as soon as you showed me the juxtaposition of clockwise/clockidiot it seemed like it had been staring me in the face all along.


  2. Using the words “Wicca” and “Wisdom” in the same sentence (comma)
    could qualify as an oxybogan.

    I have a table booked at the Cabaret of Nothingness; meet you
    there on November 2, 2525, yes? I will be holding a seance to
    contact the wisdom of an intelligence known only as Cabrogal.

    If you don’t front up, I shall come back and troll your blog.


    • It’s both an oxymoron and a tautology. That’s why I had to make a poem of it.

      I’ll only be at the Cabaret if you can book Vinnie Price as MC. I’d even listen to Michael Jackson or watch The Brady Bunch for him.

      And if you find the intelligence of Cabrogal be sure to send it home. I need it sometimes.


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