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just tumbled


he always fumbled on

bumbled towards light
stumbled across his toes
mumbled around his tongue
grumbled excuses for being
crumbled towards not

it’s not a controlled fall
kick out the ground
fall free

  1. Delinquent Angel permalink

    Rumbled in the jungle…..

    float like a bee,
    sting like a flutterby

    A jumbled sale

    I’m all elephant’s ears.

    got anudder one, Unca Mickey


    tee hee

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Delinquent Angel permalink

    well that’s what you get for not having disabled comments
    you are welcome to claim authorship of my poultry verse.
    just say Sorry first.


  3. Delinquent Angel permalink

    The contents of this link may be of interest


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