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Why I am agnostic


All I can know is what I’m thinking and what my senses are telling me and they both get it wrong.

From → confusion, mysticism

  1. Except when you leave a comment, then suddenly you know everything.


    • Well I guess I know incoherent reasoning when I see it.


      • Fear based ego response, somehow I expected more from you.


        • You’re right.

          I fear ignorance and disinformation about race and religion.
          They cause a lot of problems in this world.

          And I’m egotistical enough to feel I should speak out when I see them. As if my words could make a scrap of difference. Stories like those on your blog will circle the globe while serious scholarship is still putting on it’s shoes.


        • No, egotistical as in you think you know that which you do not know. You are two faced and your opinion of me matters not, but people like you keep the human race from evolving with your blind trust in recorded history. Your mind is closed with beliefs replacing gnosis, and there’s nothing anyone can do to help you with that problem except yourself. “Serious scholarship” give me a break. lolol Serious propaganda is what it is. I thought everyone knew that. What a joke you are.


  2. Oh I daresay I’m as skeptical about recorded history as I am about most things. Being an Australian Aborigine tends to have that effect.

    But I’m even more skeptical about made up ‘history’ – especially history of other peoples and their beliefs. Again, being an Aborigine makes me pretty aware of how arrogant and destructive that can be.

    Your DNA claims about Irish descent from the Jews are made up. The Irish have been extensively DNA tested and the current evidence is that they are primarily a Basque group with later Celtic interbreeding. The Basques had settled SW Europe thousands of years before Jews emerged as a Semitic subgroup.

    Your claims about the druids were made up by the early 19th Century fraud, Iolo Morganwg, in the same way his near namesake, New Age fraud Marlo Morgan, made up a whole load of arrant nonsense about Aboriginal beliefs to sell books to the gullible.

    And your conspiracy theories put people who actually bother to learn about themselves, their religions and their ancestry into some sort of nebulous group of evil-doers or their gullible shills who are out to deceive everyone who doesn’t buy into your assertions. That might not mean much when it’s two blokes arguing over the internet but it means a lot when you’re an elder in a colonised or oppressed people trying to pass your knowledge onto the young and they are rejecting it in favour of the sort of stuff people like Carlos Castaneda and Marlo Morgan write because the latter is more popular and makes lots of money from ill informed New Agers.

    I guess I’m also egotistically sensitive to the way the hard work of serious scholars and serious journalists to gather facts isn’t good enough for people who would rather spread simplistic invented stories they find more entertaining without any examination of the agenda of those who make them up.


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