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sayeth not


we speak of that which must be un-known

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  1. hey.
    just asking:
    1] what, except dying, is life’s purpose?
    2] service of mankind – is it one of the ways to make life worth-living or is it the only way?


    • sorry if you find them completely irrelevant, because they really are. kinda.


      • I wouldn’t think they’re irrelevant to this post.

        I was talking about an aspect of what I think my purpose is.

        It seems to me that pretty much everything I say (or type) is an expression of my cravings, ego and general confusion. It’s a reflection of all the wrong notions I have in my head. So if I pay attention to what I want other people to know about me (or others, or the world) I’ll have a fair idea of what it is about me that I need to get rid of.

        I guess it’s just an extension of the concept of projection, whereby we level criticisms at others that are more applicable to ourselves. I’ve got a relative who is very big on projection so it’s often on my mind, which is probably a strong hint that I’ve got the same problem myself.


    • I can think of at least three ways to answer question 1.

      I figure you don’t mean ‘life’ literally, because the purpose of that is just more life. Survival and reproduction.

      If you mean human existence in general, I haven’t got a clue. I don’t believe in an external god or a master of the universe with attributes and intent so I figure if there’s a purpose it’s got to come from the individual herself. Or, more accurately, the relationship between the individual and the rest of the universe. So I guess even if you’ve got a god your purpose has to come from your relationship to your god rather than being something separate to you inscribed on stone somewhere (which isn’t to say your relationship to the universe isn’t somehow inscribed somewhere, but the inscription is neither the relationship nor the purpose).

      So maybe those who are convinced that their purpose is to accumulate wealth or power or experiences are right. Maybe that’s what their relationship to the universe implies.

      But, IMHO, “your relationship with the universe” is just a long winded way of saying “you”. So all I’ve really said is “Your purpose in life is you” – which is pretty much saying nothing at all.

      But if you mean my personal purpose in life, inasmuch as I have any sense of one at all, it’s gotta be my current ‘project’, which is to try to consolidate what I’ve learned about my self and my ego and find a way of living which is consistent with how I actually see myself (not sure how much of that is about changing how I live and how much is about changing how I see myself).

      I think the manifestation of the Goddess that appears to me is somehow a guide or key to that. She represents that which I have been unable to integrate into my conception of who/what I am. She seems to be a very heavy-handed hint as to what my path forward should be, but I’m still too thick to properly understand what she says/implies.

      As far as question 2 goes I guess it’s gotta be up to the individual. It seems to me that some people get nothing from trying to serve others and I really don’t imagine I know better than them or that they are somehow fallen or defective because of it. But if happiness is an important part of your life purpose (it seems to be for most people, though I don’t think it is for me) I can’t see how you’re going to get it unless you engage constructively with other people and that’s gotta mean serving them in some way or another. Of course the concept of both ‘service’ and ‘man’ is going to change from person to person. Some people see ‘man’ as just their own family, tribe, ethnicity, gender etc and ‘service’ to them might be trying to keep everyone outside that group down. They call the army and police ‘services’, don’t they?

      The two blogposts where I get closest to discussing how I think you might find a purpose in your life are Aleister and Augustine – morality through love and Varna and Dharma.


      • The purpose of life is just more life. I like that. But we start dying the second we’re born and we travel n travel towards our death and some people actually lose their sanity waiting for it but of course, that can’t be the “purpose” of life. That’s our destiny so yeah “maybe those who are convinced that their purpose is to accumulate wealth or power or experiences are right. Maybe that’s what their relationship to the universe implies.”

        People become defective when they don’t get anything from trying to serve others?


      • P.S. I love, love your response. The service and mankind, the relationship with universe, the individual existence~ gonna read those posts you’ve linked too. Thank you so much!


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