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Abortion is NOT a choice.


Deciding between Coke and Pepsi is a choice. Whether to have an abortion is a major life decision. Or it should be.

Having to make that decision is always the result of a tragedy or a cock-up (pun not intended).

It is not an alternative method of contraception. Unless you and/or your partner are too irresponsible to fuck.

It’s because it’s such an important decision it must be left entirely up to the pregnant woman. It’s way too important to leave to ideologues or vested interests of any stripe.

And it should be available on demand at any point up until birth. No qualifications. No coercion.

But all available alternatives should be on the table too. Along with the clearest and most morally neutral explanations of them possible.

Only you have the right to control your body. Only she has the right to control hers.


Salute to stavvers for triggering this rant.

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One Comment
  1. So great to read it spelled out like this with no ‘qualifications’ BS. Woman’s body, woman’s choice.


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