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Progress in Australia


"Road Kill" by Ron Cobb“Daddy. Why do we call them ‘boongs'”?

“Well son, that’s the noise they make when they bounce off the bull-bars of our SUVs“.

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  1. Rexie permalink

    Meanwhile, Dharma the mumma. “It’s about time I get my SUV out as well and get even with a few of these ‘daddies’! Oh, it’s going to be fun because I make no noise!”


  2. Not a joke.


    • Tragically true, as shown in the link.

      RIP Kwememtyaye Ryder.
      Bashed to death for standing up to those who think running over elderly and disabled Aborigines is a good lark.


      • Thank goodness… I thought you were condoning it! Faith restored.


        • Ouch! I hope not too many readers missed the irony.

          If you click the ‘Aborigines’ or ‘racism’ tags on the right you will get a list of posts that should give a clearer idea of what I think on the topic.

          You will also discover that I too am a ‘boong’.


        • Think it’s because I’m accessing it on my phone and the links don’t immediately show on the ‘display page’, just the image and ‘joke’. I’m also a bit of a novice and still navigating my way through WordPress.
          Living in the UK, I foolishly hoped that this attitude was more a thing of the past in Australia. The article saddened me more than I can say.
          Today I will be back in my Infant classroom, by some strange synchrony, completing our topic on Australia with some ‘Aboriginal’ paintings. Your article has certainly made me think…


  3. Anonymous permalink

    Well, living in Bairnsdale i do get the joke


  4. Hey Cabrogal, the irony was not missed on me. As I contemplate the shame of the Australia Day celebrations yet again it was perfect to look up your posts and find this one. Hope you are doing well.


    • Thanks Jeni. I’ve been enjoying your escapades in Europe too – though looking at naked people covered in snow makes me glad for the 47+ degree days we’ve been having here.

      Yeah, Jan 26th was the usual excuse to present bigotry and xenophobia as national virtues, with skinheaded morons yet again demonstrating they don’t know the difference between Australia Day and Anzac Day by claiming that those who want to abolish it or change the date are disrespecting dead diggers. The upside was that the Invasion Day protests drew record numbers and the reactionary political and media commentators insisting it’s a sacred and sacrosanct celebration that must never be altered are sounding increasingly desperate and forlorn. Still no sign of leadership from the ALP though and if we’ve gotta rely on Di Natale’s Greens we might as well go home and get pissed like everyone else.

      I suspect things will get increasingly nasty for a few years yet but I don’t think the outcome is really in doubt. Why the fuck anyone would want to celebrate the arrival of a bunch forced exiles who weren’t wanted here and didn’t want to be here is beyond me. Especially when you consider how we treat exiles who show up in wooden boats these days.


      • Your summary is perfect! The irony of the celebration. The blind misunderstanding. I followed the news and saw the images of Melbourne’s turn-out. Brilliant and makes my hairs stand on end in the best possible way, on the other side of the world. Change is slow but there are moments when it leaps forward. Thanks for keeping me informed. And the 48 degrees makes me happy that I was naked in the snow… though not in this photo 🙂


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