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Progress in Australia


"Road Kill" by Ron Cobb“Daddy. Why do we call them ‘boongs'”?

“Well son, that’s the noise they make when they bounce off the bull-bars of our SUVs“.


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  1. Rexie permalink

    Meanwhile, Dharma the mumma. “It’s about time I get my SUV out as well and get even with a few of these ‘daddies’! Oh, it’s going to be fun because I make no noise!”


  2. Not a joke.


    • Tragically true, as shown in the link.

      RIP Kwememtyaye Ryder.
      Bashed to death for standing up to those who think running over elderly and disabled Aborigines is a good lark.


      • Thank goodness… I thought you were condoning it! Faith restored.


        • Ouch! I hope not too many readers missed the irony.

          If you click the ‘Aborigines’ or ‘racism’ tags on the right you will get a list of posts that should give a clearer idea of what I think on the topic.

          You will also discover that I too am a ‘boong’.


        • Think it’s because I’m accessing it on my phone and the links don’t immediately show on the ‘display page’, just the image and ‘joke’. I’m also a bit of a novice and still navigating my way through WordPress.
          Living in the UK, I foolishly hoped that this attitude was more a thing of the past in Australia. The article saddened me more than I can say.
          Today I will be back in my Infant classroom, by some strange synchrony, completing our topic on Australia with some ‘Aboriginal’ paintings. Your article has certainly made me think…


  3. Anonymous permalink

    Well, living in Bairnsdale i do get the joke


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