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Plaudits from Pakistan


Yeah, I’ve been pretty slack with my blogging lately, I know.

I don’t know whether to write about how sick I’ve been, the problems I’ve had with the computer, make up some other lame excuse or just admit I’m a lazy bugger. It all seems too much trouble to bother about really.

But if I feel a scintilla of sincere guilt about my malingering it’s because of how long I’ve been procrastinating about properly thanking three fellow bloggers who have said some really nice things about my earlier blogging efforts.See! It's got my name on it. I didn't just steal it.

Yasmeen Sana Baloch at Twinkling Star gave me a Certificate of Achievement for being the luckiest blogger. I guess she means I’m lucky to be reading a blog by someone who thinks I’m OK instead of one by someone who thinks I’m a total arsehole.

Yasmeen knows what she likes. Her father. Her school. Her teachers. Baluchistan.

And she knows what she dislikes. Hypocrisy. Backwardness. Human rights abuses. Making people disappear from the streets never to be heard from again.

For some reason she seems to be confused about me though. I may not be as obvious as a police boot in the face but I’m still not very nice. But I’m glad attractive young women like Yasmeen think there’s something good about me. Shows I can still fool some of the people some of the time.This is not a porno award. Count the Xs.

Yasmeen nominated me for the XXtraordinary Blogger Award. It’s not the same as the XXXtraordinary Blogger Award, where to qualify I would have to post pictures of myself engaged in unlikely sexual acts with a large range of people, objects and animals. To be an XXtraordinary blogger I just have to link to her blog (done), tell her what I think of her (I sort of did that too, but left out the bits that might make me an XXXtraordinary blogger), say what my favourite book is (I want to pretend I’m dark and sophisticated and say “The Metamorphosis and Other Stories” by Franz Kafka but really I’m just greedy and vain so it’s the chequebook of anyone who writes my name in it), what I would do if I was the President of my country (stage a coup and have myself shot) and talk about my nature (unfortunately there’s nothing natural about me – I’m 100% artificial colours and flavours).

Then there’s Fahaad Humayan. Formerly of The Special One blog, which he deleted. Now of, er, Fahaad Humayan’s Blog. Which he says he will never delete. Though he already deleted the ‘About’ page.

Fahaad also said some nice things about me. In his own dark, sociopathic, poisonous way. But he deleted them too, so I can’t prove a thing. You can take my word for it though, he really does like me. Unless he was lying again.

Finally there’s Maria Imran at Randomly Abstract. She gave me an award for my poetry, comments, sarcastic remarks and wise talks.

Wise? Me?

I’m glad Maria holds herself up to a higher standard than she applies to others or she’d be a real mess.It's tough being a superstar but someone has to do it

To get the Superstar Blogger Award from her I have to tell everyone why I write (because I have to. do you think I’d write rubbish like this if I had a choice?), what life is to me (the noisy, messy, tricky bit between the very long dark patches), whether I forgive easily (I’m very parsimonious with my grudges. I make them last a long time), my definition of beauty (well I only stare at girls’ bums because it’s better than looking in the mirror), whether I’m fiction or hardcore fact (not sure. either I’m ill-conceived fiction or nothing but the ugly truth), a fictitious character that resembles me (Louie the Fly from the pesticide ads – assuming Louie is any more fictitious than I am), something I’ll never forget (dammit, I knew the answer to that one this morning  , but …), whether I ever hate (where there is me there is hatred), what my utopia consists of (solipsism thinly disguised with a layer of narcissism) and my comments on the Radical Blog (the what? Maria says it has ‘false sense’, which sounds a bit like my wisdom. so I guess it must be pretty silly).

One thing these admirers have in common is that they all hail from Pakistan. I’m not sure what to make of this. Is the hash really that strong over there or do Pakistanis just have a very ironic sense of humour?

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  1. Yay To Pakistan 😛 I Love you too but I don’t have any Awards to give you 😦
    Many Congrats for these all Cabrogal, They are completely well deserved ! You are one of the wisest persons I’ve ever met, Genius to be precise. I wish and I pray that you enjoy a good health soon 🙂


  2. Hahaha.

    I like how you see life. It’s that noisy, tricky bit between dark patches. And I said you’re ‘wise’ because that’s what you’re, really. Your posts on politics, and your experiences, plus your way of dealing individuals (minus your dark humor, sarcasm, whatever) show it.
    Ouch about the holding-grudges-for-like-ever part.


  3. Rexie permalink

    That was a fabulous conversation Cabrogal. I guess you stated your position quite clearly at the start (I am amazed at the patience you showed with your opponent throughout the thread!) and I must say that the start was one of the most beautiful and elegant ways of putting the question of origin of universe to rest. The start was also the best and it was also the best start! I would like to reproduce it here for anyone reading this post in the future and if interested, they can follow the rest of the thread:

    The universe is space-time. By asking what existed before the universe you are asking what existed before time. That may work as a Zen koan but it’s meaningless as a logical question.

    Time started with the universe. There is nothing before or after it.

    Talking about universes outside (in time or space) from the one you inhabit is equally meaningless. If it is accessible in any way it is part of our universe. If it is not there is nothing that can be said about it that isn’t pure hot air.

    I must admit he was nasty to you with his ad homimens here and there. It is classic sign of a weakening and frustrated intellect. I wish everyone is trained to avoid it at any cost in intellectual discussions.

    I was so much in agreement with you, word for word the whole time. Because I myself have always thought that universe is space and time – there you go, confirmation bias as your opponent says somewhere in the thread – I wrote this poem. Of course, it was a poetic way of saying things.


    • But we would agree on that bit, wouldn’t we Rexie? After all, we both know what (or Who) time is.


    • Of course there really is infinite time. Just not unbounded time.

      Infinite time exists in the present instant. It’s the only place there is any time.

      So if you think you don’t have enough time it’s because you are looking for it in the past or future instead of where it all is.


      • Rexie permalink

        Exactly as I think. Or exactly as I have always thought! I love it when we disagree and I love it even more when we agree.


  4. When a blind man bears the standard pity those who follow…. Where ignorance is bliss ‘tis folly to be wise….


    • You know that might be the best comment I’ve ever had. Sums up the whole blog.

      And Akismet put it in spam!


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