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the succubus


(Inspired by Lala Rukh)

we sit around the flame
casting spells into a spoon
our lives disappearing up our sleeve

we take her in our arms
crimson sacrifices bloom
nothingness is everything we need

she washes away all fear and pain
friends and family, self respect
she cleanses us of desire, hope and harm

she keeps hearts and pockets empty
taking all we love and hate
leaving nothing but her tracks upon our arm

she took it all from you
she took you from us all

“no matter what ails ya, she’ll make you feel better”
wrote old bill, knowingly

“she’ll be the death of me” sung lou
and he was right

wife. life. light. heat.

white magic

(in memory of evanka v, jenny c and too many others)

One Comment
  1. This is Beautiful Cabrogal ! Very true indeed.


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