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the escape


twisted braids of pain

would never hold les foster

his god set him free

From → haiku, hurts

  1. Hope He finds a good place where ever he is ! Pain fades away with time.


  2. 10/11/2013 was the last time you wrote here. Write?


    • Yeah. Various circumstances conspired to force me to take a break and when I did so I discovered I had been getting too caught up in the blogosphere and ignoring my real life too much. When I did try to write something it all seemed too trivial and irrelevant to bother posting.

      I’ve had a good break now and have started blogging again but I expect I will still be a bit slower for a while.


      • Hmm. It’s good to take breaks at times. I read your last post, good to know about Ray and his work. Congrats for your own awards. But I didn’t get the last two sentences. Explain me in simpler words, puhlease?


        • I assume you mean the last two sentences of the blogpost, not my recent comment.

          Basically I’m saying that until you stop seeing someone as a monster and recognise they are a human being just like you and that in their position you may have done something just as bad you will be unable to forgive them for hurting you.

          And until you forgive the person who has hurt you that hurt will always fester away inside you, doing more and more damage. Victims can only cease being victims by forgiving those who hurt them. Seeking revenge is to drag yourself into the same morass as the offender and you will make yourself a permanent victim in order to justify your vengeance to yourself.


        • Right. Now that I re-read those last paragraphs, this makes sense to me. Thank you for explaining.


  3. See, emotion brings out good poetry…


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