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To my Project A.W.O.L. followers


As I mentioned in ‘Ugly innovations in spam‘, I’ve picked up a few followers lately who aren’t so much bloggers as marketers.

About half a dozen are with what seems to be a scAMWAY style blogging based multi-level marketing scheme called Project A.W.O.L.
If you are with Project A.W.O.L., this post is for you.

Now I don’t want to seem ungrateful for your follows but I sure hope you are unsuccessful in propagating A.W.O.L. through the blogosphere.
You are already a sucker. Don't suck more people in.
The reason multi-level marketing sucks is because the only way you can make the money back that you have invested in it is if you suck at least two other people into the scheme (probably far more than two, actually). They must in turn suck in more people ad infinitum. If you know anything at all about mathematics you would realise that pretty soon the blogosphere will reach saturation point with over half of the people buying into the scheme being left out of pocket.

So basically you can only make money yourself by ripping other people off, even if it’s not the people you initially pass the poisoned A.W.O.L. parcel to. Every successful generation of new A.W.O.L. marketeers only increases the the harm that will ultimately be done when the whole scheme grinds to its inevitable halt.

And of course the only big winners are the ‘Fasttrack2Onlinecash’ ripoff artists who are running the show.

So I humbly beseech my Project A.W.O.L. followers to please stop trying to spread the disease and just accept that you have wasted the money you have already sunk into this con job.

If you have actually made money by sucking other people into it I urge you to think hard about how tainted those dollars are and pull out before you dirty yourself even further.

And if you have been drawn into the whole cult of greed that inevitably comes with such schemes I hope you will find some way to free your mind and put the whole thing in your past.

That is if any of you actually read my blog.

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  1. I don’t think Project AWOL follows me.


  2. Why do you think it is so bad?


    • As I explained in the post, multi-level marketing (MLM) doesn’t really sell anything except itself.

      In the case of Project AWOL the only thing being sold is the right to sell Project AWOL plus some bad advice about search engine optimisation so that more people will come to your website to buy Project AWOL. Or it would be if the SEO advice was good, but it isn’t.

      It’s really just the pyramid game with a rake-off by the organisers guaranteeing that more people will lose money than make it. It’s entirely predatory.

      Apart from ripping off more people than they benefit, MLMs encourage monetising your personal relationships. You are expected to sell the business to your friends and family but as most of them will be ripped off as well you are essentially selling your goodwill among those who know you, with a cut of the profits going to the organisers. They also have a cultish approach to material greed to try to keep people pumped up to the point where they will keep flogging the business even as it destroys their relationships.

      It’s not about products or satisfying a demand. It’s about degrading social capital for cash.


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