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Guru lessons: Appendix C – Choosing your vehicle


I drive a Rolls Royce
‘Cause it’s good for my voice
But you won’t fool the Children of the Revolution – Marc Bolan

Lord Vishnu flies around on the back of Garuda. Shiva has his bull Nandi. Osho owned 93 Rolls Royces.

But Ganesha has to balance on a mouse named Kroncha and Eckhart Tolle tools about in a blue Jaguar.

After you have been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and your books have shot to the top of all the bestseller lists, but before you build that 200 car garage, it is important to gather the brochures and carefully research luxury and classic cars. What you need is something tasteful and impressive as well as comfortable and expensive. Be sure to ask the dealer about the discount for buying in batches of twenty or more.

Supreme spiritual mastery is wasted on Jaguar nuts.

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  1. Rex permalink

    Haha! “Supreme spiritual mastery is wasted on Jaguar nuts.” Good one! Actually this is not really laughable as it is deplorable when you think of them.


    • If you like this sort of black humour you could select ‘guru lessons’ from the pull down ‘categories’ menu and see if you like the other posts in the series.


      • Rex permalink

        Oh, I sure will. More than black humour, I think I love the combination of wit and intelligence in language and your post reflected that.


  2. HAHAAHAA … Gud one brother…!!!


  3. Haha! Did you see ‘my’ Rolls Royce on my flickr feed?
    Vintage predictors..
    Gurus can be dangerous…
    That IS a ‘keyto Aleister Crowley…
    He aimed to provide a path more than the path and never to impress to gain ‘sainthood’ if you will but just a ‘hook’ for ‘those’ to find ‘HIs opinion’ many years later…


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