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You never should look at your cat in a box

Maybe you’ll kill it and maybe you’ll not

It’s all rather curious really

  1. Rex permalink

    This was a terrific experiment really!


  2. IAM already dead and’s quite comforting to be both said the cheshire experimental cat…but I still like pussies locked in boxes…just waiting to come out…when time arises or comes again…

    Sorry using a little ALeister Crowley charm there2..hehe…subtler maybe as IT IS…haHA…HUH?!HEH


    • Ah, you’re a quantum organism.

      That explains why you appear sometimes as momentum, sometimes as spin. Depending on how you’re measured.


  3. WEll yeah that’s how I would likely measure ‘god’ given that opportunity..but i am more like a shape shifter the observer who measures the observer…with imagination manifesting itself in the illusion that is reality..and the ultimate expression of a supraorganism of minds that are called this thing as human..


  4. VelaneDeBeaute permalink

    What a clever observation. Aptly put 😉


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