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What’s it all about?


“It’s not all about you, you know!”

But it is.

It always is.

What else could it be about?

It’s all I know.

Should I pretend it’s all about you?

  1. I kinda’ thought it was all about “I” and we were all the same “I” anyway.


    • Well, yeah.

      But I’m talking from the ego here.
      And commenting on the myth of empathy.

      Haven’t you ever wanted to strangle someone who claimed to know how you feel?


      • I generally don’t get the urge to strangle people. I’m more of a puncher. 🙂

        It’s so rare for anyone to tell me they know how I feel that I can’t even think of an instance. Maybe it doesn’t bother me. I don’t know.

        Right. You are criticizing the ego. Is it a bit like the song by the Beatles, “I Me Mine”?


  2. Punching’s no fun.

    It’s all over in a second and you don’t get to see the slowly dawning horror in their eyes as their blood oxygen level falls away.


  3. Reblogged this on Nowhere Fast.


  4. cpsingleton42 permalink

    Good point!


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