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I am enlightened


I’m a complete wanker

I finally realised


From → mysticism, narcissism

  1. Hahaha…

    While I appreciate your realisation, I beg to differ 😉 😛


  2. A strange statement among several. I’m hope you don’t mean them this is particular.


    • There could be a bit of irony in some of what I write.
      As well as deliberate ambiguity.
      And bad puns.

      Doesn’t mean I don’t mean it though.
      Bipolar narcissism can be a lot of fun, but probably only for me.
      And maybe there is something of a ‘realisation’ in spotting how ego-bound you are.


  3. (Several of that particular day-to clarify)-We all have off days


  4. Fahaad Humayun permalink

    is there something as an incomplete wanker? difference in chemical composition of liquid? o.O


    • C’mon Fahaad, you’re from a cricketing nation.

      You know what an incomplete wanker is.

      A half-tosser.


      • Fahaad Humayun permalink

        Hey man I commented on your oldest post. Do read it 🙂


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