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Each of my bunnies has a bunny

Ananda and CloverI have two

Ananda and CloverHow lucky

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  1. Oh How adorable they are ! Animals can be better friends than humans sometimes, I guess !


  2. Clover is the sandstone coloured half-rex. She’s about six years old, late middle age for domestic rabbits.

    I got her, along with her deceased former partner Willow, from a friend who was no longer able to keep them.

    Willow was put down about eighteen months ago, aged ten, after becoming paralysed with arthritis. Mine was the hand that signed his death warrant.

    Clover is a bit of a fuss pot. Everything needs to be on time and in its place or she will make her disapproval known. She is always rearranging her sleeping area and when we let her outside she tries to dig a burrow.

    As you might guess from the photos, she’s generally pretty laid back, though untrusting of strangers.

    She is also incredibly brave. Although she is scared of almost everything and gets very nervous when not close to her sleeping boxes she does not hesitate to charge out in support if she thinks her partner is in trouble. When I have to catch Ananda to administer medicine or something and he makes distress sounds Clover will be there in a flash, quaking in terror but determined to do something – even if its just creating a distraction.

    When Clover gets particularly frightened she jumps into my lap and buries her face in my belly. It’s very special to be trusted so much by a rabbit.

    Ananda is the stormcloud coloured dwarf lop. He’s almost two.

    We got him from the RSPCA after he had been rescued from bushland. He has tag holes in one of his ears and is probably an escaped lab animal.

    He’s hyperactive and the only times he stays still long enough to be photographed is when he’s snuggling up to Clover. He climbs and jumps up onto everything and regularly has spectacular falls.

    He’s also a complete sook and demands attention and grooming from Clover, me and anyone who walks into the house. But trying to pick him up is liking trying to hold a whirlwind made of claws.

    Unlike Clover he is fearless rather than brave. Occasionally he starts or gets paranoia attacks for no discernable reason but mostly he’s scared of nothing.

    I’ve never known him to bite but if he thinks you are threatening him he will make a short, lightening fast lunge accompanied by a surprisingly loud, low growl. If you think a 1.7kg ball of fluff can’t be scary you should see how quickly people jump.

    The two of them bonded within three days of meeting and now spend more than half of their day either next to each other or physically touching – even allowing for Ananda’s regular house patrols.
    Although I have one or two photos of each of them alone, mostly they end up in the same frame.


  3. Bunnies! How unspeakably adorable. <3<3

    My two girls would love a bunny. For breakfast, perhaps. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • If my bunnies knew a bit about my eating habits they’d probably be too scared to come out of their hutch.

      I’ve had five beloved pet rabbits in my life, but over 90% of my relationships with bunnies have been very brief and unfortunate for them but delicious for me.

      Cute kitties by the way, but I bet if it came to a punch-up Ananda would have them for breakfast.


      • You’re probably right. Kif especially is as dumb as a sack of hair. (Which she sort of is.) I doubt she has any sort of self-preservation reflex at all. When she fights with Loli, they look like Hugh Grant and Colin Firth in Bridget Jones’ Diary . ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. Rexie permalink

    They are so sweet Cabrogal. You made my day linking to this post. The more I look at the pictures, the more I feel that I could have kissed them each time till my lips turned sore.

    Clover is a bit of a fuss pot. Everything needs to be on time and in its place or she will make her disapproval known.

    Bit like me ๐Ÿ™‚


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