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Worry Wart


I’ve been a bit anxious over the past few days.

I had a bit of minor surgery lined up for yesterday and I may have been a little anxious about that anyway, but for three or four days I’ve also been on a rapid hypomanic upswing. Maybe it was triggered or boosted by the starvation diet I was on. The picoprep on Thursday probably didn’t help either. But really I don’t know why it happened like that. It’s a new one.

Anyway, I thought I’d probably be getting close to completely manic by Friday.

When you act strange in hospital they like to keep you there to have a look. If you act really strange they call the cops.

This wouldn’t be a good place to be for even minor surgery by then.

Or so I figured.

Between the excitement of over three hours staring at pre-op ceiling tiles while trying to block out the short rotation muzaky pop flooding the ward and the sparkly little ball of wind and pain I carried home in my abdomen afterwards it seems I’ve been able to calm myself down. The anesthesia probably helped out a bit there.

Nothing to worry about at all.

  1. Glad to know there is nothing to worry now ! I don’t understand though how you calm yourself down so easily…


    • Um, did I say easily?

      Well I suppose the getting injected with powerful tranquilisers bit was pretty easy, the anesthetist handled most of that. Lying for hours in a pre-op ward with nothing more interesting than your own breathing helps. And having a whole load of gut pain to try to find a way to be with focuses your resolve a bit.


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