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The quest for purity


There’s nothin’ pure in this world
– from ‘White Wedding’ by Billy Idol

To purify is to divide.

If you want pure gold you must separate it from its surrounding minerals.

Did Pakistan attain purity by partitioning from India?

Was it made more pure by splitting with Bangladesh?

Could it be purified further by cutting away Baluchistan? Pakhtunkhwa? The Punjab?

Must it be divided into 180 million pieces to realise its dream of purity? Or must each Pakistani also be dissected?

Mixtures are not pure, they can be divided into compounds.

More pure than a compound is its component elements.

If you want greater purity you must split the atom.

Pakistan and India have already split the atom.

We all know what lies down that road.

Pure Hell.


Postscript (27-Jan-2018): See In the Land of the Pure No One is Pure Enough by . He says it much better than I.


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  1. And you again remind me of stories of 1947…

    The point is… Mixtures have a charm of their own… Don’t you agree?


    • Mixtures have a charm of their own… Don’t you agree?

      As someone of mixed race, mixed culture and thoroughly scrambled neurology I’m hardly in a position to disagree ;).

      I just wish the BJP would get that message.


      • Ya… true!

        I wish Congress too get the same message… 😉

        BTW how do you quote while replying to the comment?


  2. BTW how do you quote while replying to the comment?

    You can insert quite a few HTML tags into WordPress comment fields.

    In this case the example is :-
    (blockquote)BTW how do you quote while replying to the comment?(/blockquote)
    but you replace “)” with “>” and “(” with “<".


  3. I don’t think this purification by dividing thing stands good for ‘countries !’ Nice exposure of science btw 😉


  4. I need to understand this. Will you help?


    • I think Partition was a mistake. A catastrophe.

      I have read some Iqbal and I think I understand why it seemed necessary, but the price is already too high and it may get infinitely higher.

      I think if people like Jinnah had dedicated themselves to finding a way to bring Muslims and Hindus together there still would have been many problems for Muslims in India but not as many as there are for Muslims in both India and Pakistan today.

      I think the need for purity has torn people apart throughout history.
      Pure Aryans in Nazi Germany.
      Pure Communists in Cambodia.
      Pure Hindutva in India.
      Pure Australians here.

      I think by making itself the land of the pure, Pakistan has cursed itself more than most places.
      Nothing done by humans is ever pure.
      To make yourself pure is to lose your humanity.

      As long as it strives for purity Pakistan will keep dividing itself.
      Pure Balochs, pure Pashtuns …

      Even religion as it is practiced on earth can never be truly pure.
      Purity is for heaven alone.
      And heaven is not division, it is unity.


      • Agreeable to great extent, except that I strongly believe that the circumstances under which Partition occurred are totally reasonable; there was a need then.

        I am of course not as experienced or well learned as you really are, but I strongly believe that it was done in the best interests of the then political and religious needs. I can not go back and look what and how it happened, but through films and history I know about the different schemes and acts that were intolerable. Though both the nations plea for peace now, it was clear that they both are different nations by any definition.

        And I think you will agree that, a whole huge group of Muslim refugees can not risk crossing the border and shedding their lives for nothing.

        However, Pakistan has not yet become the ‘land of pure’. The dream hasn’t yet been achieved and somehow, there will always be a group of people who will struggle in their teeny weeny bits to make that come true.

        Jinnah, as far as I know, hadn’t really accepted the idea for division and was a strong opposer until he realized the terms of slavery after slavery and those talks between Gandhi were held. If by any means, Hindus and Muslims were living today united in that undivided India, I wonder how it had been like living in the Hindu majority rule.

        Purity is for heaven alone. And can not be professed here on Earth. It is unity, I understand. But humans are cunning.


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