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Music to Pakistan


It’s been brought to my attention that my fellow bloggers in Pakistan can’t access youTube.

My internet connection is way too slow for me to email music clips to them and I’m too stingy to upgrade my blog for music clips too (the method WordPress uses to upload media makes it impossible with this connection anyway). But I’ve got 100MB of personal webspace to play with so I can use FTP to upload to there.

Now that Ramadan is over here’s a few clips for your delectation.
Hey, it’s not نصرت فتح علی خان, but you can listen to that sublime genius whenever you like, right?

1. ‘Sufi Music I Rumi Poetry – HU – The Zikr’ by Anandmurti Gurumaa: A Punjab-born holy woman interprets Sufism and the poetry of Rumi. Beautiful and inspiring.

2. ‘I am the ride‘ by Buddhist bluesman Chris Smither. Laid back folk with virtuoso fingerstyle and a hardheaded spiritual message.

3. ‘Treaty‘ by Yothu Yindi (see ‘Treaty NOW! Or Else!‘): A fairly positive music video clip that speaks of the situation of Australian Aborigines in their own Land.

4. ‘Elsie‘ by the Divinyls (see ‘She made me happy‘ and ‘The two truths‘): A dark music video that gives a tiny hint of what it was like at an early 1980s Divinyls concert.

5. ‘The Real Thing’ by Russell Morris (see ‘The Real Thing gets less real‘): Aussie psychedelia from 1969 that showed me other people are crazy like me.

6. ‘New Race’ by Radio Birdman: Live from 1977. Because they were the most awesome noise I’d ever heard.

7. ‘Butchy Boys’ (Part 1 and part 2) by Jimmy and the Boys: Live at Selinas in 1981. I’ve seen a lot of wild performances but these were the guys who shocked me. Down near the front you risked getting spat upon with fake blood, sprayed with molten plastic from a burning kewpie doll, spattered with offal from a simulated seppuku, asphyxiated by smoke bombs or poked with a dildo. But what was happening on stage was far more disturbing.

8 . ‘ Shark fin blues‘ by The Drones: Audio only. A descent into psychotic depression. Voted the best Australian song ever by a panel of prominent songwriters.

9. ‘All the Boys in Town‘ by the Divinyls: Audio only. Because it fits (barely).

That’s used up all my webspace but I’ll probably change this page from time to time, especially if someone requests something in the comments. Requests for Australian rock music will be given precedence.

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  1. Wow !!! This is such a surprise 🙂 Really Loved the poetry and video in the first one, Love the dance and fast beats in third one and Loving the voice of singer in the fourth one ! Really Lovely songs ! Thank you so very much for the gift 🙂


  2. here is a request :3 can you help me find more songs like ode to joy and enya’s music?


  3. naah, I guess you dont know the music too i am looking for :p 😦


    • Sorry dude, gave it my best shot.

      If you want to be more specific I’ll try again tomorrow, but I’m turning in now.


      • i know you did 🙂 and i will share some tracks with you tomorrow, do tell me if you have heard them and you like that kind of music or not 🙂


  4. I don’t really listen to music… Sorry. And I seriously don’t mind not being able to use youtube 😉 Didn’t use it anyway. But I did watch Chrissie Amphlett, and damn….


  5. Thanks for all of that Fahaad.
    For some reason the links didn’t appear in my blog (about half of the ‘Ode to Joy’ ones I put in disappeared too) but I got them via email.

    They look pretty interesting. I can’t stream them with my crap phone line but I’ll download them overnight and listen tomorrow.

    I get that you must be a Warcrafter, but the Beethoven was a bit of a surprise. Or maybe not. Have you ever seen A Clockwork Orange? You remind me a bit of Alex. Soundtrack notes here.


  6. i dont even know what warcrafter means :/ and i listen to Beethoven and mozart and Tchaikovsky and others, i just dont know the specific names like every thing else :p they are just on my watch history on youtube. and i havent seen it but i think i should 😀
    i dont listen to music much cause it hurts my ears but i like music and sounds. not trashy words 😛


    • i dont even know what warcrafter means

      Someone who plays World of Warcraft.

      A few of the youTube links you sent were to theme music from it so I thought you must be a player.

      Hard rock music has been pretty important to me since I was a teenager, especially live, but I listen to lots of other kinds too. There’s a few Pakistani classical musicians in my collection but I don’t know any Pakistani pop or rock.


      • I never liked pop or rock music, but um some of the good Pakistani rock bands are Noori and Junoon. Search them up. In pop I think Nazia Hassan, Vital Signs, Strings and some others are worth listening too.
        I just feel good listening to different musical instruments. Lyrics really spoil it for me :3 😀


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