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“Justify your existence”


Australian Nazi symbolThat sticker brings out the Dirty Harry in me.

When I see it on the rear windscreen – usually consorting with a couple of racist nationalist mates such as ‘Australia, love it or leave it’ or ‘Fuck off, we’re full’ – I too start thinking violently and hatefully.

I can just see myself dragging the skinhead driver out through his side window, hammerlocking him over the bonnet of his own naziwagen, jamming the barrel of my trusty .44 magnum into his temple and delivering the ice-honed ultimatum,
You’ve got ten seconds, punk. Justify yours“.

If I had my way, I’d send them so far back to where they came from all that would be left is a pair of Doc Martens protruding from a dilated arsehole.

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  1. c andrew permalink

    One wonders if these illiterates know they’re channeling George Bernard Shaw?


    • I’ve heard that Shaw also came up with the idea of gas chambers for ‘superfluous’ people a decade or so before Auschwitz.

      He was far from the only ‘leftist’ to support eugenics in the early 20th Century.

      What gets me is that so many of my fellow left anarchists seem to be falling for it again, supporting Peter Singer because of the nice things he says about animals while turning a blind eye to his promotion of both positive and negative eugenics.

      Even Hitler loved animals, as does the racist, homophobic, Islamophobe Brigitte Bardot.


  2. c andrew permalink

    Yes, he even advocated playing pleasant classical music during the experience. I don’t know if the Nazis actually got the idea from Shaw, but there were certainly enough points of congruency between the two to make one think so.

    I think that was one of the greatest instances of cognitive dissonance in “Schindler’s List.” That they were playing the music from light opera while the grim selection was going on. Although, unlike Shaw’s recommendation, I think that the music was for the Nazis’ enjoyment, not for the victims. I’m not sure which side of that question is more abhorrent.

    On the other hand, there were some on the religious side of the aisle that were supporters of eugenics. Didn’t one of the Methodist umbrella organizations apologize for their early 20th century support?


    • Yes, he even advocated playing pleasant classical music during the experience.

      You can always count on liberals to advocate for nice genocide.
      (I’m an Aborigine so I’ve got a bit of an attitude about that).


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