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Staying rational


Man strives toward reason only so that he can make rules for himself. Life itself has no rules. – Carl Jung

Rationalism is a powerful tool for keeping your universe ordered.

Helps you see things coming, Makes it harder for others to fool you. Easier to fool yourself.

You can use it to win arguments. People will say you’re an idiot if you say you believe in a sky fairy. But they don’t do that to us folk who believe in gravity. We just do it to each other if anyone makes the slightest mistake applying Newton’s Laws.

OK, it might be a bit short on meaning, but it’s got pattern and who says that’s not just as good. Just ask someone who washes her hands a lot.

It gives you power too. If you’re good at it you can get money and fame and stuff with hardly any effort. Good and lucky.

We may all be in the casino of life together – but some of us are counting cards.

That’s why I’m a rationalist.

But being a rationalist doesn’t mean you know everything.
Please read that sentence again, Professor Dawkins.

Problem is not everything is rational.
Doesn’t mean its not important.

Is faith a common logical fallacy?

Is love a rush of chemicals to the brain?

Is life a progression of DNA through puddles?

Am I a loose confederation of self regulating biological systems that somehow developed the notion ‘person’?

Some day I’ll be completely sane and rational. If they have their way.

Then I’ll just program a computer to be me, retire and go apeshit again.

From → confusion, rant

  1. rationalism and all this shit is just another tool to give those in power more power. All shit started by humans to control other humans and those who are not rational, oh they are insane and illiterate and all those things. I think you made the same point in other words ^_^


    • Nah, rationalism is a tool that can be used or abused by anyone but especially by those in power.

      That’s why they start trying to take it away from an early age with schools and the media.

      But no matter how fine your spanner is, its not much use as a scalpel.
      Richard Dawkins won’t find the meaning of life in fossils or test tubes.
      Numbers and neurons will never teach Peter Singer right from wrong.


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