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I don’t really hate words.
But I can see why you might think I do.

I like words so much I even use ’em myself.
Then I abuse them.
Especially foreign ones I don’t understand.

Every now and again I find a bunch of words on the internet pretending to be a person
Sometimes I test it out by hitting it against other words
Not so much a Turing test as a trolling test

I know I can’t really hurt words with words
Not seriously
Even though they leave me some times
They always come crawling back in the end
Eager to please. Eager to serve.

If I had a daughter I’d even let her go out with a word.
If it was a nice one.
None of them uppity boongs, mind.
But an Aborigine is fine, in his place.

I don’t hate free speech or want to free hate speech.
I just wish some people would only exercise theirs where it can’t disturb the rest of us.
On a distant mountaintop or down a deep toilet or something.

It’s not my words I hate.
It’s their targets.

So if I say something really nasty to you, don’t get caught up in terminology.
Please don’t be upset by my words.
What I say.
Be upset by the pure inexpressible malice behind them.
What I feel.

Like the Buddha said, “When I moon you look not to my fingers but to where they are pointing”.
Or something like that. The translation from the Pali may still need a little work.

If you have drawn my notice enough to draw my ire, don’t simply stare with open mouthed anger and hatred at the words with which I sought so inadequately to capture your putridness.
Look instead to the pathetic behavior of the execrable moron who inspired them.
The source of all pain, suffering and offended ego.
The problem itself.

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