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You looking at me?


For the past few days my ‘views per hour in the past 48 hours’ counter has been stuck above eight – the highest I’ve ever noticed.
Robert De Niro greets his fans

Why my sudden ‘popularity’?

I figure it must be because of all the stupid comments I’ve been spraying around the internet lately.
People think “Who is that idiot?”.
So they come to find out.

That would explain all my recent visitors from Pakistan. I’ve been commenting on some popular Pakistani blogs lately.

But all the hits from Canada?
Pakistan expatriates who read blogs from home?
Canadian Pakiphiles?

And Croatia? South Korea? Puerto Rico?
Is there a big unmet demand for idiocy in those countries?

At least Australians hardly ever visit my blog.
We know a wanker when we see one.


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