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Treaty NOW! Or else!


Last month our People, Australia and the world lost a great man.
A warrior takes aim
A mighty warrior, a true leader, a fine performer and an inspirational songman.

One of his songs in particular guarantees his immortality.

A song of truth, of beauty, of revolution, of prophecy, of the People, of the Land.

It’s even a song Marcia Langton and I can agree about and there are few things Marcia and I would agree on.

If you want to begin to understand the situation of Aborigines in their own Country, but have never listened to Treaty, do so.

Without a treaty there can be no sovereignty.
Without sovereignty, Aboriginal Australia is going nowhere.
We are still at war.

It is a war the Gubba cannot win. The Land is on our side. It has already begun to strike back.

Drop your weapons, Gubba, and sign on the line.
It’s the only hope you’ve got.

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