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Me and the Hindus


Anyone who is silly and masochistic enough to read more than a few posts on this blog will keep bumping into Sanskrit words and references to Hinduism (or Pali words and references to Buddhism, but I’ll explain them some other day).

Of course I don’t know Sanskrit and I’m certainly no Hindu – except that the Hindus seem to think everyone’s a HiKalindu. So what gives?

Bad habit mostly.
Spent too much time in India.

I also love Hindu imagery. I was raised on some pretty lurid comic books and it makes me feel right at home.

But it’s also because there are no words in English for some of the stuff I’m trying to say, so if I’m going to make a fool of myself again I’d best do it in a language no one understands. I sure don’t.

And when I’m trying to say something, I’d much rather steal metaphors and arguments from someone clever like Adi Shankara than show I haven’t really got any ideas of my own.

I reckon it was Alan Watts who first turned me on to this Neo-Advaita stuff, back in the old hippy days. Neo-Advaita and acid.

So if I come on like some sort of Hollywood guru sometimes, it’s not because I want to take all your money and have sex with your daughter (although all offers will be considered – be sure to send account details and photos).

It’s just because Australian druggies of a certain age like to put on airs and graces. And cheese cloth shirts and patchouli. And make like we’re Maharishi Mahesh.

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