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A pic of my nose


MPR Sinuses, Axial

For tyrion17voldemort.

And that’s after surgery.

From → autobiography

  1. you wont believe me but they never as much took an X-ray of my nose :O i went to him for flu and he said dude thats your surgery date and then i was in OT and then i had these things stuffed in my nose and that. every thing i know about it is through internet.


  2. if its after surgery, its not cured is it :O your nose bone still blocks one side :/


  3. Reblogged this on Special One and commented:
    thats what DNS is. not the pic of my nose though, can you see the deviated nose bone


  4. These days they scan you for everything around here.
    The GPs probably get kickbacks from the radiologists.

    I had the operation over a decade ago. They botched it.
    I can breathe a bit more easily, but now I keep getting sinus infections.

    This one was taken last year when I was trying to find out if they could fix the damage they did the first time.


    Did you have those plastic paddle-pop sticks stuck up your nose for weeks afterwards?


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