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Farming the Australian way


Start by fencing off a sizable stretch of desert.

Get rid of any boongs.

Animals are all stock or vermin.
Plants either crop or weed.

If there’s trees, cut ’em down.
If there’s wildlife, kill it.
If there’s water, contaminate it.
If there’s grass, overgraze it to dust.
If there’s topsoil, plough ’til it all blows away.

Complain there’s no rain four years of five
And apply for government drought assistance.

The other year complain about all the rain
While filling out flood relief forms.

  1. This is good.


    • You’re the first non-Aborigine to tell me she likes this poem.

      Around here ‘boong’ is a derogatory term for Aborigine.
      I’m a boong.
      This is the only writing of mine that my Mum likes.


  2. Rexie permalink

    Can understand why your mum perhaps liked it. It is a fantastic poem Cabrogal. You should write more often! Believe me, your readers have great patience and can tolerate your poems well. haha.


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