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Touched by the Dancer


You can never touch the Performer

She is the Other
The Object

The object of desire
The object of striving
The object of the gaze
The object of love
The object of worship

She is the Dancer

She is Shakti the Mother
She is Mara the Temptress
She is Maya the Illusion
She is Parvati the Lover
She is Saraswati the Artist
She is Kali the Destroyer

She is Beauty
The Mirage
She is the Wink
The Promise

She is the Goddess

She is the Dancer

She is why we want to dance
She is why we must dance
She is why we must love
She is why we are

She Dances!
Oh, She Dances.

Life and Death,
Pleasure and Pain,
Light and Darkness,
Self and Other,
Creation and Destruction

Love Her
Feel the Dance

If you give yourself to the Performance
And keep your hands to yourself
You may be touched

By the Dancer

That is the Promise
That is why we dance

From → mysticism, poetry

  1. Salute your broad knowledge… and vivid description…


  2. Rexie permalink

    This is GLORIOUS! What a poem to read before going to sleep! Bless me Mother.


  3. Rexie permalink

    Oh selfish me, bless the writer too, always, so that he can write more of this stuff! đŸ™‚


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