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the confession


No way!
I mean she’s my friend

Or at least she was

How about assault with a friendly weapon?
I’m sorry, I’m sorry
No I don’t think it’s funny
It’s just that I’m upset too

No. You’re right
Not as upset as she is
I’m sorry

I didn’t mean to hurt her

But it’s nothing like rape
I would never do that
It was just a stupid mistake
A misunderstanding

I would never use force
Though she might be intimidated by my size

And I wouldn’t try to get her drunk
Buying her drinks was just being polite

Drugged her?
Don’t be ridiculous
We shared a few hits, that’s all

I didn’t lie to manipulate her either
I was only making myself more interesting

Of course I know that no means no
But coffee means more than just coffee

Then when she started screaming
I saw the rapist in her eyes
So I had to hit …
and hit …

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