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Hearing voices


I could never work out which voices were scariest

The ones from outside I feared were true
The ones from inside I prayed were false
Or the little voice down the back saying maybe I was free

Turns out they were all right.

From → hurts, mysticism, poetry

  1. It’s an interesting question and a well balanced conclusion, the issue then is remaining focused on your own mind and not allowing depression to carry you too high or crush you down, it’s about balance in the end I think, but maybe some of us need a certain level of imbalance or carry it in order to force our own inner strength that bit harder (in many cases a lot harder). The one thing we shouldn’t do is give in, there’s beauty in life that can only be discovered by sticking around despite everything. At least that’s how I feel, you may not agree and that’s fine.


    • I would have disagreed a year ago but now I tend to agree.

      Of course I can’t really know. Maybe tomorrow something will happen that makes me wish I’d given up years ago.

      I guess that’s one thing you can’t get by sticking around.


      • I suppose it’s true in some ways, though closure for one is hurt for the many. I understand the struggle though so I understand how you’d be tempted at closure. The one thing I’ve noticed is that after having attempted closure and failing, which I’m far from proud of myself for, is that I’ve realised just how much more I could have missed of people other than myself as much as for myself. Had I succeeded I may have left a nasty mark on those who loved me truly and I didn’t realise how much before. I will say it again though, I understand the struggle completely. It takes a lot to keep your head above water and keep breathing when things get to the worst of feelings. I’ve certainly seen more happiness having survived and having the opportunity to reflect consciously with eyes wide open.


        • I really think I’m through it now.
          Since last October.

          But it’s not the first time I thought I’d cracked it.
          It just seems so undeniable and irrevocable this time.


        • There’s always going to be (I think) that element of fear or doubt that will be in the back of your mind like my own perhaps where you wonder how long the positive edge will last. However I’m glad you feel you are through the worst and I hope for you it will last. In fact for anyone in the same place.


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