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She made me happy


Chrissy Amphlett dead at 53. I’m gutted.

I spent over a year in utter thrall to that hyperactive school girl belting loose those bleed-it-out pop songs like she could scare off the world.

Attitude, motion and a spine shuddering sound.  I fantasise about her to this day.

My cool-unto-death post punk junkie friends thought I was taking the piss following The Divinyls around the pubs and festivals of three cities; but I was Chrissy struck.HOI! Fuck ’em. If you don’t like Sahara rock you don’t like rock’n’roll.

I’ll never forgive that other Chrissie from The Pretenders for getting her dropped from the line up at Narara. Someone knew she would’ve got blown off stage.

Chrissy Amphlett showed her sensitivity and vulnerability by beating you senseless with them. She was  Suzi Quatro or Joan Jett in style but Janis Joplin in content.

I still can’t believe the way everyone treats All the Boys in Town as if its a jaunty little ditty. The local music school even has pre-pubescent girls perform it.

Here’s one song we won’t be hearing on the radio this week.

Ah Chrissy, you were never just a casual encounter to me. Gone, but I’ll never let you go.

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One Comment
  1. I was wrong.
    Carol Duncan played ‘Elsie’ on ABC local radio this afternoon.
    When I heard it I stopped.
    After a while I wept.


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