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What is art?


All great artists have their hand down the front of their pants – Patti Smith

What do you mean by art?

If you mean ‘art’ as in using diverse media to try to increase communication bandwidth between two individuals
Well I think the jury’s still out on that one
But I hold fond hopes for it

If you’re talking about the ‘art’ you make in your own head and never tell anyone about.
Well I’m not going to talk about it.
That would spoil it.

But if what you mean by ‘art’ is public exhibition.
Well … Ha, ha, ha, ha, <puke>
Because its all just narcissists with unfortunate potty training isn’t it?
People who think others should be so rapt by their insights, experiences and outlooks that they won’t just wander off to have some of their own.

Can’t jerk off without an audience?
Can’t take a shit without applause?
We’ve got just the career for you.

From → narcissism, rant

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