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I’m against abortion


Someone who’d read ‘I love the snuff song’ asked me if I was anti-abortion.

Well of course I’m anti-abortion.
Who but a psychopath wouldn’t be?

But I’m also anti- unplanned pregnancy.
And anti- ‘arrogant arseholes who think they can tell someone what to do with her own body’.
And I’m particularly anti- unwanted birth.
The Greens didn't like my proposals for euthanasia campaign posters. I wonder why.
The world is a hard enough place to land without the suspicion that you’re not welcome here.
You don’t hear newborns laughing at their freshly minted existence, do you?

But if you start thinking that maybe you shouldn’t be here
That people are thinking there should never have been a you
That maybe your life isn’t worthy of life
Then things can go very dark indeed

And that’s why Peter Singer is a sanctimonious prick

Yeah, I’m against abortion
I’m especially against forced abortion
And forced non-abortion

But as for waiting to see what the baby is like before deciding …

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