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What is slash poetry?


Primarily, ‘slash poetry’ is a catchy term I’m trying to appropriate.

… a middle aged excuse to indulge in juvenile gothics.

… sacred songs from an extinct Aborigine.

… so its art, not libel.

But slash poetry is poems too.

Poems that skitter from dank headspace with Ed Wood and Easton Ellis.

Or come rolling to fall wetly as something opens unexpectedly.

Muttered into pub mikes as the audience goes slashing.

Something to relax to running razors down your arms.

A broken mitre ever smashing jagged JG ballads.

Slices of Edgar Allen Poe and slithers of Alice Cooper.

Nick Cave’s dead wives pie.

But no HP Lovecraft. Definitely not Lovecraft.
The man was a talentless hack
And a whole lot worse

Even sick and puerile scribblings gotta have some standards

One Comment
  1. Now someone’s supposed to ask which work most epitomises the spirit of slash poetry.

    Then I get to say “Jack on Fire” by Jeffrey Lee Pierce.
    Or was that “Jack of Shadows” by Roger Zelazny?
    Or jack shit by Clint Ruin?

    And Caleb from Blood is pretty cool too.

    C’mon guys.
    Get with it.


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