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I love the snuff song


I’ve got a dirty little secret
A truly filthy one
You see, I love the song
THAT song
The one where they kill the baby in the third verse

Yeah, you know the one
You must remember the documentary in homage to it
Where the Angels slice up one of the fans
Right in front of three hundred thousand chanting devotees
Right in front of the stage!

You like it too don’t you?
But we pretend not to
Or we pretend its not happening
We don’t eat babies ’round here after all

But it is happening
Right in front of our ears!

Sweet thing on her launching platform
Break of her life today
Gotta give it all to sing with legends
Immortality a breath away

Come, Sister
I’ve got the sympathy
You’ll get no sin from me

Fame, money
Its just one set away
Don’t let it get away

She recalls when she sees him swagger
How the used up groupie sobs and weeps
But surely it ain’t easy being Jagger
Maybe its the company he keeps

Hot coffee
So glad you finally found me
Come sing a ring around me

I need you
Oh won’t you melt to me
You’ve gotta shelter me

Please mistress
Just sing some soul to me
Now show it all to me

Her heart is screaming, her head is spinning
She knows she’s gonna have to pay
Ol’ Scratch dances right up grinning
Rips Merry’s baby clean away

Love? Kiss her?
Don’t fucken’ think so Mick
Now you’re just being sick

We all heard The Horror fist her
Tear a soul away
That never had a say

Was that your lips that kissed her?
Love don’t exist today
Kissed away, pissed away, ripped away-ayy

And the moral of this story boys and girls …

Don’t go to a sacrifice unless you’re certain what it is.

And don’t ever go down to the crossroads with Mick and Keith

Oh, and hey
It’s only rock’n’roll
But I like  it

One Comment
  1. Last night Her Demonic Majesty Annette came to me and told How It Is To Be.

    And she had a cute little dance number to go with it.


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