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A looney for my guru


What has being crazy taught me?

Well its taught me about alienation.
Because being crazy makes you different.
So you can’t make yourself understood properly.
It can get a bit lonely sometimes.

Talking to other crazy people doesn’t help much.
Because everyone’s crazy in their own way.
And they don’t understand you either.
At least there’s the consolation of company.
Because even if you can’t reach each other you both know that under all that craziness is another human being.

But being different makes you special.
You can see things other people can’t.
Only if you try to tell them about it, it all comes out wrong
And just reminds them about how crazy you are.

But what can make being crazy really hard are the people who know they’re sane.
Because they know that they’re real. And you’re not.

Mostly they don’t like to say ‘crazy’.
Not around you anyway.
Because they think its a bad word.
And it might send you off again.

So its because you don’t understand, or you don’t see things clearly, or you’re really not yourself, you’ve been brainwashed, you’re not thinking straight, you have unhelpful notions, you can’t tell what’s real and what’s not, the chemicals in your head aren’t right, maybe you took too many drugs, you’re quite unwell you know, you don’t know what you’re doing …

But they’re all saying the same thing really.
I’m a person. But you’re a disease.

You try to tell them you’re a human but you can’t because that’s the disease talking.
And everything you say and do is a symptom.

And they know that you’re unhappy and try to pretend they’re not.
Wouldn’t you feel a lot better if you were well?
You’d be normal, just like them.
You don’t really want to be different do you?
Because the more other people are like them the more certain they can be that they’re not crazy.

Being a disease makes people nervous. They worry you’re contagious.

And they take away your razors because you might hurt yourself.
And they take away your decisions because really they know best.
And maybe they should lock you up because, you know, crazy people might do anything.

So finally you give up. “All right, all right, I AM a disease.”
And they smile and they’re relieved because now they can cure you.
And everyone is going to feel much better.

So they get The Expert and he tells them how it is.
And you say its not like that at all. But they don’t believe you.
Because The Expert knows all about being crazy. And you’re just crazy.

But you’re in luck. They have just the thing to fix it.
You tell them that it hurts and its making you sick and its stopping you from thinking and its killing you.
But they know its not. Because its to help you, not to harm you.
It says so on the pack.

And you don’t really like upsetting people all the time do you?
And you’ll thank them when you’re better.
Or at least something will.

Yeah, it can be tough being crazy.
But its not all bad.

Sometimes … there’s colours.

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