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Geraldine Doogue – the racist joke


I’m regularly surprised by the casual racism, chauvinism and Islamophobia I hear from Radio National staff, even in the religion department.

But I think Geraldine Doogue just took the cake.

I’ve been an observer of Ms Doogue’s ‘polite’, simple-minded racism ever since she was giving Life Matters such a foul flavour with her automatic ‘othering’ of guests from outside her racial, cultural, class or linguistic background and her regular self-revelatory racist comments delivered in everything from a schoolgirl giggle to a matronly harrumph.

Up until now, her low point was returning from China shortly before the Beijing Olympics to express righteous indignation that not all Chinese people had learned fluent English yet.
It seems you can’t get a good coolie anywhere these days.

But as I passed a radio yesterday, trying to ignore her inane braying, I unfortunately caught part of her introduction of an Aboriginal guest who apparently held several positions on various boards.

“Yes, all you Indigenous people sit on lots of boards, don’t you?”, gushed Gerry.

Yes, that’s right Geraldine.
We all sit on lots of boards.

That Aboriginal Industry, it sure takes care of us alright.
We never have to worry about being unemployed or short of drinking money at all.
We can just get appointed to another board and keep raking in the fees.

Don’t even have to show up for meetings if you can get a bro to sign you in.
And a criminal record is not an issue.

Got caught doing drugs a few times?
No problem, you’re on the Koori Youth Drug Education Board.
Get in a bit of trouble for bashing the missus?
We’ll pay you $250 a month to advise the Indigenous Cultural Rehabilitation Board.

Yep, it sure is a great lurk, being on all these boards.
Its how we control Indigenous policy and why we’re all so rich.
It’s why you always see us in flash cars, smart suits and five star restaurants, swilling the finest tawny port straight from the flagon.
Its how we can send our kids to the top schools, where they get the best prices selling drugs.

But keep quiet about it will you please Geraldine.
Those grumpy Gubbas get pretty pissed off when they hear about all the easy taxpayer’s money we get.
It’s just jealousy I reckon.

  1. whats most irritating about dear old gerry,is the smug, seemingly pervasive conceit of concillatory ecunemical enlightenment, ….damned if I understand why anyone would torture themselves so, sitting around listening to radio national for protracted periods, i’d rather be tied up gagged hung by the gonads and force fed justin beiber’s latest inanities ………….


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