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She’ll never be dead enough


Since 1980 there has always been a two word refutation to the argument for equal opportunism feminism in power politics.
Margaret Thatcher.

But of course there’s never really been a shortage of two word refutations to the notion that political systems can be made humane by diluting the testosterone that sloshes around the corridors of power.
Jiang Qing, Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Gloria Arroyo, Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Condaleeza Rice, Winnie Mandela, Pauline Nyiramasuhuko …

At least Julia Gillard is only completely lame and not actively evil. Lucky Pauline Hanson or Bronwyn Bishop didn’t make it to the top.

The challenge isn’t to point out female leaders who have wielded power with homicidal self interest, its to point out one who hasn’t shown herself to be every bit as morally bankrupt, power crazed and sociopathic as her male counterparts. Even Aung San Suu Kyi seems prepared to sacrifice Myanmar’s long term communal harmony on the altar of short term political expediency.

The only way anyone – male or female – can take and hold political power in our society without becoming horribly twisted is to be an utter ethical pretzel to begin with.
Why should we be trying to shove more women into a system like that? Don’t we abuse them enough as it is?

The answer is not to give faux legitimacy to a fucked system by offering a stake to the very worst representatives of our repressed minorities. Its to smash up the machine that keeps throwing these monsters to the top of the heap.

It doesn’t matter what kind of genitalia they have, its always the arsehole that sits on the throne.

Hey, if I mail a bottle of my urine to the UK would someone pour it over her grave for me? Nah, if they started allowing that London would be inundated.

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  1. SmileAsIGrovel permalink

    Bob Carr paid swooning wobbly kneed nausea inducing homage to the grating Dame on ABC tv’s late line a few nights ago (whilst in China) ,as did many British Labor Party Hacks ( in a later clip )with only poor old Glenda Jackson ,providing an eloquent moral perspective in the midst of a torrent of jeers and boo’s from both sides. .

    Julia Gillard , sucks donkeys balls , ….she too admires Thatcher , whilst disagreeing with ‘some of her methods’ they (Tory Labor Mp’s) all agree Thatcher won the “Economic argument”
    its all so fucking unseemly…give me uncomplicated old fashioned, power mongering,money loving fascists


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