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Dostoino Est


In retrospect I can almost imagine that my entire 60s childhood and 70s adolescence was spent in the state of having been blown away by some musical miracle I’d just heard on the radio, at a concert or through a friend’s headphones.

By my somewhat jaded 80s early adulthood I was spending more time than ever listening to music, but experiencing sonic grace far less often. Only once every month or so would I hear something new that truly amazed me.

Now in my cynical, worn out and benumbed middle age I very rarely find myself stunned hearing a piece of music for the first time. I think it happened most recently in 2006 with The Drones’ ‘Shark Fin Blues’.

Last night again I found myself listening to the radio in awe. A perfect gem of composition, performance and production had brought the instruments and techniques of multiple traditions into a uniquely powerful and moving harmony. A masterpiece of many masters. A transcendent collaboration.

I later learned I had been listening to Dostoino Est, a 9th Century melody arranged by Hector Zazou and performed by the Eva Quartet, Kaushiki Chakrabarty, the Diva Reka group, Robert Fripp, Mehdi Haddab and Zoltan Lantos.

Sublime and superb.

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  1. Zazou, in the late 60’s early 70’s was in the explicitly Anarchist Collective ‘Free’rock band Barricades,under the nom de plume ‘Fanfan Belles Cuisses ‘lyrics in French … they made a lovely racket.


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